Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Winner of Teaching's "Nobel Prize" says "Don't become a public school teacher"

I agree. American public schools should be shuttered. I support compulsory private education until age 16.

Huffington Post
"Nancie Atwell, who over the weekend won a $1 million award for her accomplishments in education, has been a teacher for more than four decades -- but she said she would not advise her students to go down the same career path.
After Atwell was awarded the first Global Teacher Prize from the Varkey Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to improving education for underprivileged students, she told The Associated Press that she feels "validated every day just by the experiences I have with children in the classroom."
However, in a subsequent interview with CNN, she said that she would not advise kids to become teachers.
"Honestly, right now, I encourage them to look in the private sector," she said during an appearance on "New Day." "Public school teachers are so constrained right now by the Common Core Standards and the tests that are developed to monitor what teachers are doing with them. It's a movement that's turned teachers into technicians, not reflective practitioners."
"If you're a creative, smart young person," she continued, "I don't think this is the time to go into teaching.""

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