Saturday, August 30, 2014

"I am not Herbert"

[Transporter room]
ALL: No go, no go, no go.
KIRK: Which one of you is Tongo Rad?
(A purple haired lad with shaggy eyebrows stands up)
KIRK: You can thank your father's influence for the fact you're not under arrest. In addition to piracy, you've left yourself open to charges of violating flight regulations, entering hostile space and endangering the lives of others as well as your own.
RAD: I'm bleeding.
KIRK: In addition you've caused an interstellar incident which may have destroyed everything that's been negotiated between your planet and the Federation.
RAD: You've got a hard lip, Herbert.
KIRK: If you have an explanation, I am prepared to hear it.
(Rad sits down again)
KIRK: Mister Spock, take them to Sickbay for a medical check. There may have been radiation from the explosion.
SPOCK: Captain, with your permission
KIRK: By all means.
(Spock steps forward and makes a triangular sign with his hands)
SEVRIN: (An older male with alien ears. Obviously the leader) We are One.
SPOCK: One is the beginning.
ADAM: (A red-headed youth) Are you One, Herbert?
SPOCK: I am not Herbert.
ADAM: He is not Herbert. We reach.
SPOCK: If you will state your purpose and your objectives, perhaps we can arrive at a mutual understanding.
SEVRIN: If you understand One, you know our purpose.
SPOCK: I would prefer that you state it.
SEVRIN: We turn our backs on confusion and seek the beginning.
SPOCK: What is your destination?
SEVRIN: The planet Eden.
KIRK: That planet it is a myth.
SEVRIN: And we protest against being harassed, pursued, attacked, seized and transported here against our wishes.
ADAM: Right, brother.
SEVRIN: We do not recognize Federation regulations nor the existence of hostilities. We recognize no authority save that within ourselves.
KIRK: Well, whether you recognize authority or not, I am it on this ship. I am under orders to transport you back to Starbase peaceably. From there you'll be ferried to your various planets. Because of my orders, you are not prisoners, but my guests. I expect you to behave as such.
ADAM: Oh, Herbert, you are stiff!
KIRK: Mister Spock, you seem to understand these people. You will deal with them.
SEVRIN: We respectfully request that you take us to Eden.
KIRK: And after they are finished in Sickbay, see to it that they're escorted back to their proper quarters and given whatever care they need.
SPOCK: Yes, Captain.
SEVRIN: We respectfully request that you take us to Eden.
KIRK: I have orders to the contrary. This is not a passenger ship.
ADAM: Herbert, Herbert, Herbert.
ALL: Herbert, Herbert, Herbert. Herbert, Herbert, Herbert.


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