Saturday, September 13, 2014

Let's Go Get Stoned -- Ray Charles (1966)


Let's go get stoned
yeah oh
let's go get stoned
let's go get stoned
Oh, let's go get stoned
now wait a minute
You know my baby,
she won't let me in
I've got a few pennies,
I'm gonna buy myself a bottle of gin
I'm gonna call my buddy on the telephone
And say let's go get stoned
Now listen
you know I work so hard, all day long
Everything I try to do, seem to always turn out wrong
That's why I wanna stop by on my way home and say
Let's go get stoned
Now let me tell ya one more thing
Ain't no harm to have a little taste
But don't lose your cool
And start messing up a man's place
Ain't no harm to take a little nip
But don't ya fall down and bust your lip

 Mmm, no, no let's go get stoned
Oh, let's go get stoned
I think everybody ought to come on and go with me
Let's go get stoned oh let's go get stoned

 I'm gonna tell ya one more time what I'm gonna do
Let's go get stoned, oh, let's go get stoned

That's right -- Ashford and Simpson! He was 25 and she was 20.

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