Thursday, September 3, 2015

Teen encourages her boyfriend to die by suicide: A case of Munchausen's by Proxy?

Most defense attorneys advise against making that face.

"According to prosecutors, [Michelle] Carter pressured her boyfriend to go through with suicide for almost a week before he carried out the act. She counseled him to overcome his fears; researched methods of committing suicide painlessly; and lied to police, his family and her friends about his whereabouts during the act itself and after, prosecutors said.
Carter, who was 17 at the time of Roy’s death, now faces manslaughter charges in juvenile court in Massachusetts.
Her attorney argues, however, that the charges should be dropped because Carter’s messages are protected by free speech. According to attorney Joseph P. Cataldo, Carter was “brainwashed” into supporting Roy’s plan for suicide.
A judge will now decide whether Carter will face charges in his death. She will appear in court again on Oct. 2.
After his death, Carter became a self-proclaimed advocate for mental health.
She organized a fundraising tournament in Roy’s memory and posted on Facebook and Twitter about her attempts to save her boyfriend’s life.
“Even though I could not save my boyfriend’s life, I want to put myself out here to try to save as many other lives as possible,” she wrote on Facebook."

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