Monday, December 21, 2015

My 2015 Predictions -- How did I do??

50% correct. Not so hot, because I was aiming at 100%.

Original Post (12/31/2014)

On (or by) December 31, 2015,

1. Vladimir Putin will still be in power


 2. China will still be a Communist dictatorship.


 3. There will be no peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors.


 4. A major scandal will have emerged involving the Obama Administration (and not just within on the various federal agencies, e.g. the VA, the IRS).


 5. Two Supreme Court Justices will have died or retired.


 6. Iran will NOT have tested a nuclear weapon (but international experts will agree that they have achieved nuclear capability).


 7. A major entertainer's career will implode in a serious scandal.

CORRECT -- I'm giving myself credit for the Charlie Sheen/HIV thing.

 8. There will be no significant progress made by the U.S. toward a Mission to Mars or a return to the moon.


 9. There will be a confrontation between the Japanese and Chinese navies that results in one or more fatalities.


 10. The number of U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan will exceed the 9,800 originally planned.

INCORRECT, it's still 9,800 BUT they are going to be there until 2017, at least.

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  1. Larry Sinclair, it's just buried as usual. So you are over 500.


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