Monday, May 23, 2016

Psychiatrist Narenda Nagareddy: One-man opioid epidemic

This is really interesting. I wonder if they are going to get him on these murder charges. Because if they do, there are A LOT of physicians who should be very, very worried. You don't have to run a pill mill to have a patient overdose on the opioid meds you prescribed. And forget about the criminal charges -- it's the civil cases that have the tort lawyers salivating.

"A Georgia psychiatrist dubbed Dr Death has been charged with murder in the overdose deaths of three patients.
Thirty-six of Dr Narendra Nagareddy's patients died while he was prescribing them painkillers, court documents allege.
Twelve of them died of prescription drug overdoses, post-mortem examinations confirmed.
The doctor could face further charges for at least 30 other deaths, the Henry Herald reports. 
Nagareddy - who was arrested in January - allegedly ran a pill mill out of his office in an Atlanta suburb.
In one 11-month period ending in July 2015, he prescribed nearly 500 times the amount of oxycodone prescribed by any other colleague at the Southern Regional Medical Center.
Nagareddy prescribed hydrocodone, oxycodone, methadone, fentanyl and amphetamine salts to patients who were suffering addiction, anxiety and depression. [I wonder if he ever prescribed anything that might actually help their alleged anxiety or depression.]
He is charged in the deaths of Cheryl Pennington, 47, David Robinson, 49, and 29-year-old mother-of-two Audrey Austin.
A probation officer raised the alarm after noticing that three people in her caseload who had died were patients of Nagareddy."

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  1. Told you about this field of work a long time ago.

    Also, mushrooms are supposed to cure depression, you've probably seen all that news.


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