Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Mind-Body connection (Dr. John Sarno)

This clip from the show 20-20 makes 1999 seem like a really long time ago but it is still worth viewing for its coverage of Dr. John Sarno's treatment for low back pain. His book, Healing Back Pain, is a classic that has helped many thousands of people. Amazon reviewers also love his book, The Mindbody Prescription.

Many people criticize Sarno and others because they are not "mainstream." (Sarno is even more open to criticism because he thinks you can't understand somatoform disorders without an appreciation of Freud.) But the mainstream approach to pain management is to get people addicted to pain killers, often resulting in their deaths.

Still skeptical about psychological approaches to treating medical conditions? (Good!) Check out: 1) MRI study reveals that there is no association between degree of spinal abnormalities and degree of reported pain; 2) clinical controlled study shows that 32% of hypertensive patients able to stop taking blood pressure medication after an 8 week course in stress management; 3) Meta-analysis shows that males who have had a heart attack and subsequently receive psychotherapy are 43% less likely than heart attack survivors in a control group to have a second heart attack, and 27% less likely to die during the ensuring two years. Psychotherapy saves lives!


  1. Famous philosophers such as Piaget, Dewey, and Heidegger, all believed that it is pointless to argue that the mind and the body are two different things, because they are both part of a whole that help determine each other.

  2. Spiritual people have an affinity with plants, animals, the earth and other people. To be spiritual means to think in an abstract way that rises above the physical and take the inner path that is shown through instinct.


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