Thursday, March 3, 2016

Donald Trump and our civilizational decadence

Donald Trump graduated from the now defunct New York Military Academy, where they gave medals for Neatness and Order.

The potential Presidency of "The Donald" isn't quite so shocking when seen as a sign of our civilizational decadence, which I think speaks for itself.

Truman Artillery officer, combat in France, WWI
Eisenhower Supreme Commander, European Theater of Operations, WWII
Kennedy Navy PT boat commander, Purple Heart recipient, WWII
Johnson Commander, USNR,  Silver Star for gallantry, WWII
Nixon USNR Combat Air Transport Officer, Guadalcanal, WWII
Carter 1946 USNA graduate, lieutenant in the Navy's nuclear program
Reagan US Army Air Corps Reserves, 1937-45, made training films, WWII
GHW Bush Youngest naval aviator when commissioned; Distinguished Flying Cross, WWII
Clinton None; backed out of ROTC commitment after getting a high draft number
GW Bush Texas Air National Guard, fighter pilot (no Vietnam service), 1968-1974
Obama None
Trump None

I omitted Ford (Lieutenant, USNR, USS Monterey aircraft carrier, WWII) because he was never elected President in his own right.

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