Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fifteen Deadliest Mass Shootings Worldwide

The New York Times featured this table; I added the links and the fourth column on Motive. It's sort of a stupid list, because it is focused on shooting attacks only -- the Bataclan Paris attack (130 murdered) doesn't make the list because it also involved suicide bomb vests. But it is nicely international and does include a few I had never heard of.

Fifteen Deadliest Mass Shootings Worldwide

Incident Victims Killed Country Motive
2011 Norway attacks 69 Norway        Neofascist extremism
1982 South Korea shootings 58 South Korea        Anger/resentment
2016 Orlando nightclub shooting 49 United States  Islamic extremism
2015 Tunisia attack 38 Tunisia        Islamic extremism
1996 Port Arthur massacre 35 Australia        Anger/resentment
1999 Mikenskaya shooting 34 Russia        Chechen-Russian Hatred
2007 Virginia Tech shooting 32 United States  Anger/resentment
1986 Bogotá shooting 29 Colombia        Anger/resentment
1994 Cave of the Patriarchs massacre 29 West Bank  Jewish extremism
2012 Sandy Hook shooting 27 United States  Anger/resentment
1994 Kampala wedding massacre 26 Uganda        Child soldiers with automatic weapons
1994 Tian Mingjian incident 23 China        Anger/resentment
1991 Luby's shooting 23 United States  Anger/resentment
2000 Jarafa mosque massacre 22 Sudan        Islamic extremism
1984 San Ysidro McDonald's massacre 21 United States  Anger/resentment

Source: Adam Lankford, University of Alabama

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