Friday, September 16, 2016

The transgenic humans are coming!

Newborn transgenic marmosets Kei (left) and Kou, and their feet under ultraviolet light. (AP Photo/Erika Sasaki)

Taipei Times
"They sound more like a Victorian freak show than science, but researchers say that glow-in-the dark monkeys created in a Japanese lab could be a breakthrough in treating human inherited diseases.
The monkeys were given a gene from a jellyfish and, significantly, it was inherited by their young — the first time a genetically modified animal has passed such genes down a generation. Researchers said it was major step towards understanding Parkinson’s and motor neurone disease. 
Animal rights groups fear it could mean more primates are used in research labs. It also raises the possibility of genetically modifying humans, although such work is illegal in Britain and in most countries."

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