Thursday, September 1, 2016

There's no replication crisis in behavioral genetics!

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Plomin et al. say, "Deal with it."

"The most important reason for the reproducibility of
behavioral genetic results is that genetic effect sizes are
large. Heritability estimates for behavioral traits, typically
between 30% and 50%, are by far the largest effect sizes
in psychological science. What other findings in psychological
science account for 5% of the variance, let alone
50%? Consider sex differences as one of countless examples.
Although thousands of articles have reported significant
sex differences in psychological traits, a general
rule is that sex differences account for less than 1% of the variance (Hyde, 2014)."

Finding 1. All psychological traits

show significant and substantial

genetic influence

Finding 2. No traits are 100%


Finding 3. Heritability is caused by

many genes of small effect

Finding 4. Phenotypic correlations

between psychological traits show

significant and substantial genetic


Finding 5. The heritability of

intelligence increases throughout


Finding 6. Age-to-age stability is

mainly due to genetics

Finding 7. Most measures of the

“environment” show significant

genetic influence

Finding 8. Most associations between

environmental measures and

psychological traits are significantly

mediated genetically

Finding 9. Most environmental effects

are not shared by children growing up

in the same family

Finding 10. Abnormal is normal

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