Monday, January 9, 2017

Fort Lauderdale Shooter: A Failure of Public Education?

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Interesting idea in the article: If only public education wasn't so girl-centric and PC, maybe this guy, and other fatherless boys on the fringe, could have formed an identity that would have been more resistant to radicalization.

American Thinker, Thomas Lipscomb
"As Santiago's story emerges from the usual fog bank of confusion the press and law enforcement conspire to maintain in all these cases, we will see an all too familiar pattern.  A decent enough kid, caught between a background in Puerto Rico and the United States, joins the military but hasn't enough of a sense of self motivation to resist a strong strain of Islamic idealism which appears more attractive than the Army.  At least the Muslims appear not to engage in double-talk, to have clear objectives and a higher purpose in their lives than following orders in a military mission that doesn't make much sense even to those who run it.  Santiago becomes mentally confused and gets kicked out with a general discharge by a smart colonel who senses an opportunity to get rid of a problem in the making before things get worse for the Army.  The colonel sees cases like this all the time these days.
Santiago then gets a security job in Alaska, moves a little over a mile from the only mosque in that state; knocks up a local girl he doesn't marry; and, under the pressure of all this and a new baby and no resources, starts to hear voices in his head he believes are from the U.S. government, trying to get him to look at Islamic terrorist websites.  In a last pathetic call for help, he goes to the FBI, which does its usual CYA look-over and does nothing in this case, as it has done nothing in so many others once it has the paperwork to prove it saw him.  The FBI takes no interest in his access to firearms or perhaps placing him on a watch or no-fly list until some follow-up check on him.
The local police get Santiago a hospital mental checkup, and then he is given some counseling.  Then he drops out of sight of his worried family.  Something is happening
Friday afternoon, we found out what he finally chosen, on Epiphany, as the ultimate meaning in his confused life."

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