Friday, January 13, 2017

HARKing and P-hacking


HARKing = Hypothesizing After Results are Known.

"Data dredging (also data fishing, data snooping, and p-hacking [cool interactive tool in linked article]) is the use of data mining to uncover patterns in data that can be presented as statistically significant, without first devising a specific hypothesis as to the underlying causality." [Wikipedia]

Interesting chapter on bias in Randomized Controlled Trails

Publication bias: "a type of bias that occurs in published academic research. It occurs when the outcome of an experiment or research study influences the decision whether to publish or otherwise distribute it. " [Wikipedia]

Meta-analysis of stereotype threat on girls' math scores showing asymmetry typical of publication bias. From Flore, P. C., & Wicherts, J. M. (2015)

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