Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Reading for College Guys -- Part II

I have already received a few comments about the Summer Reading for College Guys list that I posted on Monday. A couple of people noted the preponderance of fiction (10 out of 14 titles). So here's Part II, with a preponderance of non-fiction (14 out of 19 titles).

I make no claims that this is a "best books" list of any kind -- it's just a list of books that I have enjoyed and that I believe most male undergraduates (and many female undergraduates) would enjoy as well. I also think that they will feel good about having read them, unlike some time-wasting, platitude-ridden, ghostwritten memoir by an NFL coach. À chacun son goût.

1. With the Old Breed: On Peleliu and Okinawa, Eugene Sledge

2. In Cold Blood, Truman Capote

3. My Early Life, Winston Churchill

4. Goodbye to All That, Robert Graves

5. The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, Edmund Morris

6. 1776, David McCullough

7. The Face of Battle, John Keegan

8. Citizen Soldiers, Stephen Ambrose 

 9. The Anatomy of Motive, John E. Douglas

10. Holidays in Hell, P.J. O'Rourke

11. Once an Eagle, Anton Myrer

12. Will, G. Gordon Liddy

13. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Hunter S. Thompson

14. Hellhound on His Trail, Hampton Sides

15. Flashman, George MacDonald Fraser

16. Man's Search for Meaning, Victor Frankl

17. Up from Slavery, Booker T. Washington

18. I, Claudius, Robert Graves

19. Piece of Cake, Derek Robinson


1. Modern Times, Paul Johnson

2. The Civil War, Shelby Foote

3. The Great War and Modern Memory, Paul Fussell

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