Sunday, July 13, 2014

Descendants of Myths -- Liu Kexiang (1992)

they invented myths
myths transformed them

mammals with dignity
strictly territorial hunters

advanced in their social organization
not at all hirsute, on a mixed diet
with a strong sexual drive
they once lived in jungles
polite, they know how to smile
but resent strangers

they can kill each other from a distance
from a longer and longer distance

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  1. Hold up. You got something with "hirsute" on your blog.

    When I was a little kid on swim team, someone had spray-painted on the ceiling like 80 feet up, "The HOAR".

    AU pool. Used to have to look at that back and forth on backstroke laps, many thousands. Didn't look up what "hoar" was for a long time.

    Liu Kexiang sounds like a fake name, anyhow.

    Good one, but fake.


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