Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Madhouse at Midnight -- Harry Harlow

Yes, that Harry Harlow.

I'm in this institution
On the pretense that I'm insane
But this, as everybody knows,
Is nothing but a guise
The reason that I'm here
Is very easy to explain
The War Department Thinks
I am a pair of Russian spies
Sometime I'm going to leave this place
I haven't picked the day
I'll simply push the buildings down
And calmly walk away
I'll build a little railroad
That reaches to the moon
And run a little subway
From New York to Neptune
I know where all the money
In the universe is stored
I'm the nephew of Napoleon
And cousin of the Lord.

Written by Harry Harlow and sent to his brother, Robert, chief psychiatrist of the state mental hospital in Warren, Pennsylvania.

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