Tuesday, July 8, 2014

That Ferocious Pulse Under All Things Placid


From a review of Nobody is Ever Missing, by Catherine Lacey:

Ms. Lacey's writing has the churning, erratic rhythms of a mind in a torrent of grief, constantly turning back on itself and, like Elyria, finding no place to rest. "It's odd that people go to the beach and stare at the waving water and feel relaxed," she thinks as she looks at a dead stingray, "because what they are looking at is just the blue curtain over a wild violence, lives eating lives, the unstoppable chew, and I wondered if any of those vacationing people feel all the blood rushing under the surface, and I wondered if the fleshy, dying underside of the ocean is what they're really after as they stare—that ferocious pulse under all things placid."

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