Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Would-be cop-killer, Larry "Loco" Davis

Apparently, some people think that he's some kind of folk hero.

Michelle Malkin, on RCP
"Larry Davis, known as "Loco Larry" on the streets of the Bronx, had racked up a mile-long rap sheet by age 20. The black rapper-turned-drug dealer boasted arrests or convictions for petty larceny, resisting arrest, violating probation, possession of stolen property and burglary. He led violent turf wars against other crack kingpins. In the fall of 1986, police suspected him in the execution of four rivals.
When an NYPD unit descended on Davis's flat for questioning, the hoodlum came out with guns blazing. "I'll shoot them first. I want to die," he reportedly bragged to family members.
Davis shot six officers; two sustained grave injuries. Contrary to popular legend (echoed by the Union Square sign displayed last week), the officers all survived. Officer John O'Hara lost an eye. Emergency Service Unit cop Mary Buckley, 40, took shotgun blasts to the face. "Mary was a mess," her doctor recounted at the time. "Her face was mutilated. The pellets had knocked out her front teeth; her upper jaw was shot away. Your heart went out to her." After reconstructive surgery, she returned to duty as a police sniper.
Davis escaped out an unguarded window. He led police on a 17-day, five-city manhunt. Desperate, he sought refuge in a Bronx housing project, where he took a mother and her two young children hostage as he conducted marathon negotiations with law enforcement. When he finally surrendered, many residents cheered him as the ultimate "symbol of resistance." His radical left-wing lawyers William Kunstler and convicted terror helper Lynne Stewart played a minority-dominated jury like a fiddle - stoking racial resentment and asserting police corruption without evidence.
The panel acquitted Davis on attempted murder of the officers, but he was convicted on weapons charges. He was ultimately imprisoned on separate murder charges involving another drug crime. In 2008, after reinventing himself as "Adam Abdul Hakeem," he was stabbed to death by another inmate at Shawangunk Correctional Facility in upstate New York.
Larry Davis used children as human shields. He talked a big game about martyring himself for The Cause, but turned yellow when push came to shove. Revered by the post-Ferguson generation's wanna-be revolutionary hipsters, this gutless wonder shot a female officer in the face.
Former Democratic New York City Mayor Ed Koch minced no words: "Those people are fools and they are giving heroic status to a criminal." This was no righteous crusader. "He was a killer, and he shot six cops," Koch said after Davis's death. "You shouldn't take pride in the execution of anybody illegally, but I believe that there is a special oil pot in hell for him.""

In addition to Detective Donald O’Sullivan, five officers were shot and wounded by Davis. They were: Capt. John J. Ridge, 57; Det. Thomas J. McCarren, 43; Officer John G. O’Hara, 26; Officer Mary E. Buckley, 40; and Sgt. Edward J. Coulter, 44.

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