Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Happy Birthday, Sir Winston Churchill!

“RAF pilots scramble their aircraft during the Battle of Britain. With a major reliance on early warning radar, RAF crew would sit outside their squadron HQ’s dressed and ready for action. When the alert call would come, pilots dashed to...

We Shall Fight on the Beaches
"There never has been, I suppose, in all the world, in all the history of war, such an opportunity for youth. The Knights of the Round Table, the Crusaders, all fall back into the past-not only distant but prosaic; these young men, going forth every morn to guard their native land and all that we stand for, holding in their hands these instruments of colossal and shattering power, of whom it may be said that
Every morn brought forth a noble chance
And every chance brought forth a noble knight,
deserve our gratitude, as do all the brave men who, in so many ways and on so many occasions, are ready, and continue ready to give life and all for their native land."

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  1. We named the other dog Winston, because the first one was named Clementine.


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