Saturday, November 12, 2016

Estuans interius -- Carmina Burana (Carl Orff)

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Estuans interius (Burning Inside)

Estuans interiusBurning inside
ira vehementiwith violent anger,
in amaritudinebitterly
loquor mee menti:I speak to my heart:
factus de materia,created from matter,
cinis elementiof the ashes of the elements,
similis sum folio,I am like a leaf
de quo ludunt venti.played with by the winds.
Cum sit enim propriumIf it is the way
viro sapientiof the wise man
supra petram ponereto build
sedem fundamenti,foundations on stone,
stultus ego comparorthe I am a fool, like
fluvio labenti,a flowing stream,
sub eodem tramitewhich in its course
nunquam permanenti.never changes.
Feror ego velutiI am carried along
sine nauta navis,like a ship without a steersman,
ut per vias aerisand in the paths of the air
vaga fertur avis;like a light, hovering bird;
non me tenent vincula,chains cannot hold me,
non me tenet clavis,keys cannot imprison me,
quero mihi similesI look for people like me
et adiungor pravis.and join the wretches.
Mihi cordis gravitasThe heaviness of my heart
res videtur gravis;seems like a burden to me;
iocis est amabilisit is pleasant to joke
dulciorque favis;and sweeter than honeycomb;
quicquid Venus imperat,whatever Venus commands
labor est suavis,is a sweet duty,
que nunquam in cordibusshe never dwells
habitat a lazy heart.
Via lata gradiorI travel the broad path
more iuventutisas is the way of youth,
inplicor et vitiisI give myself to vice,
immemor virtutis,unmindful of virtue,
voluptatis avidusI am eager for the pleasures of the flesh
magis quam salutis,more than for salvation,
mortuus in animamy soul is dead,
curam gero I shall look after the flesh.

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