Thursday, October 13, 2016

Did Feras Freitekh intentionally crash that plane in Connecticut?

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The wreckage of the twin-engine Piper that crashed in East Hartford, CT on October 11, 2016. Can't believe one of the people aboard survived. People really do kill themselves by means of airplanes; it's not just a terrorist thing.


"The Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken over the investigation into the crash of a small plane in Connecticut on Tuesday afternoon, looking into the possibility that the aircraft was deliberately downed by one of the two people on board, according to the authorities.
Lt. John Litwin of the East Hartford Police told reporters on Wednesday morning that he would not comment on specific details of the investigation, but confirmed that the F.B.I. was leading the inquiry.
“Although you can see the investigation is extremely active, it is still in its infancy,” Lieutenant Litwin said. “Nothing has been ruled out, including an accident.”
He said two people were on board the Piper PA-34 Seneca twin-engine plane at the time of the crash, although it is unclear who was at the controls.
The plane is equipped with two set of controls, so at any given point, either person could have been piloting the aircraft, Lieutenant Litwin said.
One person aboard was killed in the crash; he was identified as Feras M. Freitekh, 28, a Jordanian national. The other person escaped from the burning wreckage and is now at a hospital in Bridgeport being treated for his wounds, which were described as serious but not life-threatening. 
Lieutenant Litwin said that the survivor had been able to speak to investigators but would not comment on what he might have told them.
Four law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation told The New York Times on Tuesday that the survivor had said that the crash was not an accident."

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